English style

English reels:

(A) Galophey + Oyster Reel

(M) Buffalo Girls + Salmon Tails (demo of pulsing technique)

(A) La Bastrangue + Reel Eugene (French Canadian)

(A) (M) ‘Irish Reels’

English jigs:

(A) (M) Family’s Pride + Badunga

(A) (M) Hunt the Squirrel + Fiery Clockface

English polkas:

(M) Taphouse Polka + Maggie Watson’s Polka

(M) Wind The Bobbin Up + Rochdale Coconut Dance

(A) Primrose Polka

(M) Woodland Revels

English hornpipes:

(M) Sportman’s Hornpipe + Norwegian Hornpipe

(A) Wonder Hornpipe + Fisher’s Hornpipe

English waltzes:

(A) L’inconnu de Limoise (Bb) + Sussex Mazurka (F)

English “Other”

(M) Love Will You Marry Me + Click Go the Shears + Allies Reel

(M) Schottische a Virmaux

(A) Elsie’s Waltz (as slow air and waltz)