Scottish style

Scottish reels:

(A) Back O’ Bennachie + Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie + Come Let Us Dance And Sing + Drunken Piper

(A) Alex MacArthur of Biggar + Willie Anderson of Dalharn + Queen Victoria’s Jubilee + Baldovan Reel

(A) Petronella + Flowers of Edinburgh + Bottom of the Punchbowl + Circassian Circle

Scottish jigs:

(A) Charlie Hunter + Atherney Lodge

(A) Murray River Jig + The Quarryman + Alastair J Simm + The Lemonville Jig

Scottish marches:

(A) Leaving Glen Urquart

(A) Lord Lovat + Loch Ruan


(A) John Stephen of Chance Inn + Charlie Todd’s Strathspey

(A) Cameron’s Got His Wife Again + Memories of Father Angus MacDonnell + Jessie Smith

Scottish waltzes:

(A) Elsie’s Waltz + My Home

Scottish “Other”:

(A) Primrose Polka